The Family of Blaenafon @ Big Pit

The Family of Blaenafon @ Big Pit

Big Pit National Coal Museum (map)

Having returned to Wales on retirement from lecturing in photography in England for twenty years, photographer Walter Waygood has two exhibitions of his work coming up this side of Christmas in South Wales.

An upcoming exhibition of his work at Big Pit Mining Museum commences 21st August 2017 featuring ten commissioned panels of images taken in the 1970s-1980s forming 'The Family of Blaenafon' display. Also for the first time will be shown a unique collection of mining pictures which have just been purchased by the National Museum of Wales - twenty images will be exhibited forming a body of work 'The Family of Miners'.

All images were been taken on a 5x4 format camera, with later imagery using photomontage and forming part of 'The Valleys Project' commissioned by Ffotogallery in the late 1980's.

In October there will also be an exhibition at Cyfarthfa Castle Museum called 'The Family of Merthyr'.

Opening hours at Big Pit are 9.30am – 5pm daily. Last admission 4pm.
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longitude @ 76m2, Pontypool

longitude @ 76m2, Pontypool

76m2 - 2 Portland Buildings (map)

"longitude" has been organised by guest curator, Nóra Barabás, who brought together 20 artists, arranging their work in diptychs and triptychs. 

The team at *thekickplateproject* worked with Nóra before on previous show "as you like it", where she was one of three guests curators. 'longitude' is her first solo curatorial project.

This exhibition has been created around the themes of longing and distance and, in Nóra's words, "waiting, hoping, dreaming and believing in reaching the often seemingly unreachable".

'longitude' opens at 76m2 Friday 1st December 2017 2 - 5pm and everyone is welcome to come along for tea, coffee and cake!The show will run until the 16th of December and this time round we'll be open Monday to Saturday, 11am to 6pm.

Follow updates on  facebook pageblog and twitter. You can also join our facebook event here.

Mae "longitude" yn arddangosfa grŵp a drefnwyd gan curadur gwadd, Nóra Barabás, a ddaeth â 20 artist at ei gilydd, gan drefnu eu gwaith mewn diptychs a triptychs.

Mae Nóra yn ffotograffydd analog ifanc o Szeged yn Hwngari a "longitude" yw ei phrosiect curadurol unigol cyntaf.

Crëwyd yr arddangosfa o gwmpas themâu hiraeth a phellter ac, yn nheiriau Nóra, "aros, gobeithio, breuddwydio a chredu wrth gyrraedd yr hyn sy'n ymddangos yn annhebygol".

"longitude" yw'r nawfed mewn cyfres o 9 arddangosfa a drefnwyd yn 76m2 gan brosiect *kickplate* gyda chefnogaeth Cyngor Celfyddydau Cymru, Datblygu Celfyddydau Cyngor Torfaen a Chyngor Cymuned Pont-y-pŵl.

The Family of Santa Claus

The Family of Santa Claus

Dowlais Library (map)

The Family of Santa Claus is a 35 year documentary by photographer Walter Waygood of this iconic image of western culture.

Initially captured in the arena of the retail department store through sponsorship of national companies including Alders Department Stores, Debenhams, British Home Stores, C&As, Marks &  Spencers and Owen Owen PLC in the 1980s and then placed in a broader environment as Santa Claus diversified his commercial and charitable status with placements in garden centre bases or working as a travelling nomad supporting charitable organisations.

The images are inspired by the childhood fantasy of make believe combined with a grounding in historical context through the work of artists like Thomas Nast, Norman Rockwell and Coca Cola’s own artist, Haddon Sunblom. The documentary genre of German photographer August Sander and the American portrait photographer Diane Arbus influence a photographic style that captures the peculiarities of western culture. The images are executed with a humour and visual directness that draws the viewer into the appeal of this important visual icon which crosses boundaries of age and region. The Santa Claus photographs represent a family that illustrate the many characters of this fascinating individual. Here the brotherhood of Father Christmas is displayed as we are invited to make comparisons and form a personal judgement as regards our own favourite image that best represents our ‘ideal’ Santa.
— Walter Waygood

For the doubters of this image and for those who pose the question of scientific proof as regards his existence, the omnipresent nature of Santa is solved through the enlarged presence of his brothers who as a combined body form 'The Family of Santa Claus'.

The most stunning shots of Father Christmas I have ever seen - Arbus like in their intensity.
— Susan Beardmore, CREATIVE CAMERA 1982