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“chemical bath” is an exhibition of alternative and traditional photographic and printing techniques, featuring five photographers: Anne Campbell (Scotland), Charles Guerin (France), Toralf Sümmchen (Germany/USA), Ladislav Viszoczky (Czech Republic), and Marianne Priest (USA), and presents the array of techniques that they use in their work.

Among the techniques included are photograms, a camera-less way of capturing images, and wet plate collodion, which produces a positive image on a glass or metal plate - and is one of the earliest photographic processes, dating back to the 1880s. We’ll also be showing a collection of printing techniques including cyanotypeskallitypes, as well as oilgum bichromate and lith prints, some of which were hand-coloured after printing.

The aim of the exhibition is to familiarise viewers with some of the oldest and most beautiful printing and photographic techniques, which despite the dominance of digital photography are once again becoming a popular medium for artists who prefer the texture, unpredictability and the tangibility of hand-printed and hand-made analogue images.

Hanbury Road Gallery, 52 Hanbury Road, Bargoed CF81 8QW
Runs 25th September - Saturday 17th October
Open Tuesday to Saturday 10:30 to 18:00 

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