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Photographer Nigel Pugh

Photographer Nigel Pugh

One of Nigel's portraits. © Nigel Pugh

One of Nigel's portraits. © Nigel Pugh

Collaborating with the Welsh Refugee Council - Cardiff-based Social Documentary photographer Nigel Pugh formulated ‘Creating Sanctuary’ to enable six volunteers from across Wales to share their story and experience of working with refugees in Wales. Having contacted Ffoton to let us know the project had been awarded Arts Council of Wales funding, we asked Nigel if he'd be agreeable to recording his thoughts and approach prior to starting photography; and again on completion of the work. The audio clips below offer some insight to his enthusiasm, thoughts and intended approach before commencing the work; followed by his reflection on the final process and results.

‘Creating Sanctuary’ looked to identify fundamental human commonalities based around the loose theme of home, work and community, what they mean to us and bring to our lives. Beneath that lay the common thread of purpose, security, family, friends, creativity, camaraderie, healing, sharing loss and grief. In an ‘ideal’ society the ability to access these components is essential when required. The project aimed to illustrate and share those core human requirements, that are being created by those who have volunteered in Wales to assist refugees. Refugees whoever they are, regardless of where they are from, have had those basic human requirements wholly or partly removed. ‘Creating Sanctuary’ also sought to propagate the aspiration that Wales becomes the first ‘Nation of Sanctuary’.
— Nigel Pugh

The resulting exhibition, opening on the Level 1 space in the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay tomorrow Wednesday 31 May and running until 2 July 2017, includes the presentation of photographic portraits, and quotes extracted from the volunteers text contributions in response to a set of questions. The exhibition coincides with volunteer week and refugee week. There is a launch event for the show 2-4pm on Saturday 10 June.

See more of Nigel's work on his website www.nigelpugh.co.uk
Show images © Nigel Pugh
Photographer portraits © Brian Carroll