• Chapter Arts Centre (map)
  • Market Road, Canton
  • Cardiff, CF5 1QE

Waiting for the Light is a body of photographs by Jon Pountney dealing with light.

Hard light catches the swish of a grubby lace curtain, or casts a shadow across the delicate, threadbare surface of a mattress, to elevate the seemingly mundane into something extraordinary and beautiful. The hard glare of the sun makes the subject appear hyper-real; rendering the everyday unfamiliar and enigmatic.

Jon Pountney is not merely a spectator, choosing to capture moments that take place within the community in which he lives and works. This familiarity with his subjects helps to imbue the work with empathy and creates intriguing narratives that are all more absorbing because, with one exception, the works are bereft of real human presence. 
— Chapter website