• ffotogaleri y gofeb (map)
  • 36 Heol Pen'Rallt, Machynlleth
  • Wales, SY20 8AJ
  • United Kingdom

The first exhibition at the new ffotogaleri y gofeb in Machynlleth features two outstanding photographers, with a shared interest in revisiting the battlefields of WWI.


How does a photographer portray events which took place many decades before? Convey the feeling of being somewhere and sensing what happened there, through taking photographs?  Particularly of a location that once witnessed indescribable horrors, such as part of the First World War landscape of France, where the battle of the Somme was fought. 

The photographer will sense some of the reality of war, stand in a place that will forever be the very place where ordinary men once fought, struggled and died and know that a photograph will show that place, even somehow contain a part of it. 

Aled Rhys Hughes and Peter Cattrell respond in different ways.  Aled stands back from the scene, a space in front of him which he does not enter, but the potential to do so is there, with his large scale prints recreating the menace that the ground ahead must have projected at the time. He looks at the space in front of him or that between the 2 opposing lines of soldiers – challenging and frightening spaces that we will struggle to appreciate now, but might be felt still in Mametz wood.

Open Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 11am - 5pm

More info on the gallery website: www.ffotogaleriygofeb.co.uk

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