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#zineswap at Northern EYE Festival


#zineswap at Northern EYE Festival

Continuing our experiment to encourage more photographers in Wales to liberate their images off hard drives and share them in print, Ffoton & The Northern Eye Festival are partnering to introduce a new ZINE SWAP event for the Festival speakers weekend (12-13 October 2019.)

It's really simple…

If you have a personal photography project (completed, in-progress or experimental) just bring it along in the form of a A4 zine. All we ask is you bring along two copies of the same zine to swap with other willing photographers. By the end of the weekend, we hope ‘swappers’ will be taking home photography they admire by two others in a unique, limited edition zine format.

Daunted by the prospect of putting a zine together and the potential cost of producing it? Fear not, there is a special Zine sections on the Ffoton website for Resources and a new Print Guide written in collaboration with online digital print experts Mixam.

By using the Mixam 'test print' option (HERE) to upload your zine pages or artwork, you can receive two free copies of a fully printed and stable-bound zine of up to 16 pages for just £1.80 to cover postage.

Bargain!- there has never been an easier way to test out ideas and proof your projects in print!

And on the off chance you might have more than one photography projects tucked away on your computer that merit Zine liberation, you can use the Mixam test print service once every 30 days - meaning you can get busy between now and the weekend of 12-13 October and potentially bring along six different zines (2 copies of each) to the Northern EYE. More Swaps!

We can't wait to see some new photography in A4 zine format! This larger size offers a few more creative options to incorporate text, narrative, graphics etc alongside larger images - and A3-size spreads!

Visit our Zine pages via the links below for some tips and ideas on producing your own zines…

A couple of very simple T&C’s:

  • Only open to holders of Northern Eye speakers weekend/day tickets

  • For the purposes of this #zineswap please stick to the 16 side A4 format (you are free to choose any other paper weight/finishing options you desire)

  • Both printed copies must be made available for ‘swapsies’


The Photo Essay in Wales


The Photo Essay in Wales

Today (16th November 2017) wraps up a fascinating 7 month collaboration between Ffoton and Cardiff University's School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies (JOMEC) on a series of Photo Essay's documenting 'Pilot Engagement Projects' in the Cardiff City Region.

Working with JOMEC's Director Professor Richard Sambrook (an accomplished journalist and himself a talented photographer), we teamed up four South Wales-based photographers with postgraduate journalism students and asked each team to select and collaborate on one project to produce...

  • a set of 12-15 images and written story as a record for Cardiff University
  • additional images and printed Zine with their own creative interpretation of the same photo essay

The final results were creative and diverse.

Beyond delivering the final materials, Ffoton and JOMEC were just as interested to observe the different approach and challenges faced by each of the four teams. Other than a facilitated group meeting early on where we arranged access to historical photo essay materials from the inspiring Tom Hopkinson Centre for Media History in Cardiff University, the teams were left to develop the projects in their own time.

Ffoton and JOMEC would like to say a massive thank you to all photographers and journalists who gave up the time to participate:
Lorna Cabble, Peter Evans, Andrew Hyde and Tracey Paddison
Respective Journalists
Rimantė Bivainytė, Keith Hursthouse, Alessio Perrone and Pommy Harmar

This evening we'll be bringing the teams back together along with a small invited audience at Cardiff University to hear a brief summary on each photographer's approach illustrated by some examples of the work and their final Zine. We're also very excited to have professional photojournalists Gareth Phillips and Glenn Edwards join us for a conversation on story, the market for and collaboration on the contemporary photo essay. It'll be spicy!

And for those not with us this evening...

In the first in a series of Ffoton videos exploring the photo essay, it seems fitting we start with the wonderful Daniel Meadows - an important and still passionate photographer in social documentary and himself a former lecturer in photojournalism at Cardiff University. 

Videos © Ffoton