Offline Journal #001

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Offline Journal #001

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Published October 2018
150 copies
A4 Full colour
24 pages
Cover image by Dan Wood

Introduction by Daniel Meadows

  • Here and Now
    Photographer and educator Paul Cabuts argues for us to get out more and discuss photography in Wales.

  • 4 EYES
    Founder and Director Glenn Edwards reflects on eight years of staging the biennial EYE International Photography Festival.

  • Nailing it: Self-initiated projects
    Three photographers outline their approach to shooting and completing their own projects

  • 'Gap in the Hedge' - Book Review
    Photographer Ellie Hopkins gives her take on Dan Wood's new book.

  • On the Wall: Independent Photography Galleries
    Five small photography galleries in (and near) Wales discuss their approach and offerings.

  • On the Shelf: Wales at the Martin Parr Foundation
    Martin Parr discusses what he's looking for in building his bookshelf dedicated to photography about Wales.

  • Wales photographers in Café Royal Books
    Publisher Craig Atkinson on his respected UK archive and titles by photographers in Wales.

  • The Newport Documentary Photography Course
    David Hurn reflects on starting and leaving the course.

  • Towards a Welsh Photography
    Excerpts from Paul Cabuts paper written on the history of contemporary photography and Ffotogallery in Wales.