Offline Journal #002

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Offline Journal #002

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Published April 2019
150 copies
A4 Full colour
24 pages
Cover image by Matthew Eynon


  • Introduction
    by Pete Davis

  • Watching the Collectives
    Exploring the aims of seven photographer Collectives currently associated with Wales

    Interview with photographer Paul Cabuts on his new exhibition - his first in ten years

  • Chapel Studies
    Two very different projects on Chapels and Faith by Christopher Hight and Matthew Eynon

  • (Welsh) Ways of Seeing
    Ellie Hopkins on Welsh Photography

  • Photography at National Museum Wales
    Interview with Bronwen Colquhoun on how three photography exhibitions have been received and what’s next for the new photography gallery in Cardiff

  • Altered States
    Curator Geoff Young discusses the upcoming James Morris exhibition at Ffotogaleri y Gofeb

  • Diffusion 2019
    Ffotogallery Director David Drake on the 2019 Diffusion Festival: ‘SOUND+VISION’

  • News & Events
    News, upcoming photography events and shows

  • Progredior / Advance
    Photographer and film-maker Robert Haines reflects on documenting small communities in ‘A Time in Wales’