We went along to the University of South Wales in Cardiff to hear James Allsworth, Contributor Relations Manager at Alamy, give a really interesting talk to students about the business of Stock Photography and the services offered by Alamy to photographers.

The audio of the Talk (below) should be of great interest to students studying photography in any genre who want an idea of what's involved in working with a large Stock Agency: making submissions, captioning, keywording and revenue opportunities. All useful information and insight to supplement Professional Practice study.

James also covered some of the useful resources and tips available via the Alamy Blog to help photographers (students or otherwise) who might be interested in making their work available through Alamy.

Big thanks to both James and USW Course Leader Andy Pearsall for allowing us to record the session and share here.

Here's the useful Contributors page on the Alamy Blog that James mentions in his talk: http://www.alamy.com/blog/category/for-contributors

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