Trips to Scotland always merit a jaunt into Glasgow, so Brian from Ffoton went along to Street Level Photoworks for their Photobook Saturday event held on the afternoon of 4th February 2017.

The event had two parts: Zine Talks by five photographers followed by five Photobook Talks by more photographers.
Street Level also brought out a wide selection of Photo Zines from their archive and had those on display for event attendees to look through.

Very inspiring! Well done to all involved for putting on a fantastic (free) event.

Many thanks to the photographers and great team at Street Level for their permission to record the talks  - special thanks to John Farrell and Sarah Amy Fishlock for their help on the day.

There are 10 videos in total, and we'll add them below as we complete them in the order of the event programme. Enjoy.





Find out more about Street Level Photoworks events via their website
Follow them on Twitter @StreetLevel_