the wonderous thing about hashtags on Instagram is when you throw one up there, you GET TO sit back and observe all manner of fun and serious creativity emerge in equal measure!

Ffoton kicked off 2018 by creating the #portraitcymru tag on Instagram back in January to encourage photographers in Wales to share their creative portraiture - fun and serious - whilst also allowing them to easily discover and gain inspiration from work by others.
To date, nearly 1300 images have been tagged and the Instagram feed is still growing!

As great believers of getting creative photography off hard drives and onto public walls, we got talking to a few good people to explore exhibition opportunities around showing a wide selection of work submitted on the Instagram feed.

The result?
We're very excited to be collaborating with Glenn Edwards, Director of the EYE International Photography Festival (now sold-out) and fine exhibition team at Aberystwyth Arts Centre to curate a special #portraitcymru exhibition wall at the next EYE Festival event 5-7 October 2018 and will run through to 16 October.

It's a bit special. Really.

And in Cardiff we're teaming up once again with the top team at The Little Man Coffee Co. in the original city centre site and also their new Garage space on Tudor Lane to show additional #portraitcymru work. A double opportunity to frazzle your brain with great coffee and creative photography through the whole month of October!

Limited Edition Zine

Recognising not everyone may have the opportunity to visit and view the Aberystwyth and/or Cardiff exhibitions, we've designed a new zine with selected work included over its 40 tasty pages.

The zine is available over the counter at Little Man Coffee in Cardiff.


Our trip to The EYE Festival will have us bring not one but two new photography Zines along!

It's been under wraps for the best part of a year but this second publication is something very special and is a Ffoton collaboration with the very fine Café Royal Books to show the work of the late, great Peter Jones!

It's not just about us... 

We've been busy but we know a few others have been up to no good with their own photography zines! So we encourage everyone who has created a small run or even just a one-off or book dummy for a project in-progress to bring them along to show off and discuss!


As with our #urbanwales tag on Instagram last year, we've been blown away by the range of work posted and tagged with #portraitcymru so far and we thought it would be a real shame to exclude the creative portraits still being posted by enthusiasts and professionals alike.

So, as an addition to our two exhibitions in Aberystwyth and Cardiff we'll be hosting a third right here on This new online gallery will appear through 1 - 31 October and feature a selection of those images newly posted on the #portraitcymru Instagram feed that get our creative juices flowing!

online gallery grid.jpg

Our #portraitcymru exhibitions

From Wednesday 12 September we will begin announcing the photographers taking part in our two venue-based exhibitions: starting with The EYE Festival in Aberystwyth; then The Little Man Coffee Co. in Cardiff; and finally in our Online gallery from 1 October.
Each show will be accessible on that schedule via the links below...

EYE Festival

Info on our exhibition at The EYE International Photography Festival 2018

Little Man Coffee

Info on our exhibitions at The Little Man Coffee Co.’s two Cardiff city centre sites


Gallery of selected #portraitcymru images added on Instagram in October 2018

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