Ffoton Talks: Roger Tiley
21 April 2016

Ffoton Talks - Roger Tiley
Welsh Documentary photographer Roger Tiley speaking at the first of three Ffoton Talks held in Cardiff over April - June 2016 as part of the Ffoton Wales #urbanwales open participatory photography initiative on Instagram and Flickr.

Roger is an accomplished photographer - well known for his intimate coverage of the mining communities and Miners Strikes during the 1980's in South Wales. He studied under Magnum Photographer David Hurn on the original Newport Documentary course and has continued to exhibit his work in the UK and Internationally as well as publish books on his work.

Recorded at The little Man Coffee Co. in Cardiff 21 April 2016.
(Please excuse the audio fizzes and pops - we had a faulty audio cable on one microphone!)