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Niall McDiarmid - Town to Town

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In 2011 Scottish photographer Niall McDiarmid began what would turn out to be an extensive series of portraits that would take him across the whole of Britain. From Dingwall in the Highlands of Scotland all the way south to Bodmin in Cornwall, he has shot over 2000 portraits in more than 200 towns over the course of seven years (including Colwyn Bay in Wales for an exhibition in Oriel Colwyn in the Autumn of 2016).

“Initially I began taking portraits on the streets near to where I live in south London, building a small series that would show the diversity of the community I live in,” he explains. However, within weeks he had branched out to cover the whole of the capital and then within months to cover the whole of Britain.

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Niall has chosen to photograph the characters he meets in a distinctive style: they're often dressed in bold colours and patterns and shot against correspondingly colourful backgrounds. “Through this series, my aim is show Britain as a diverse and multicultural society at a time of huge change,” he says.

The Town To Town exhibition at the new Martin Parr Foundation in Bristol will feature more than 70 portraits from across Britain and will open on 31st January 2018. This exhibition coincides with the launch of Niall's second book of the same name from 

Gallery opening times:
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Admission free.

Images © Niall McDiarmid