• Canolfan Beaumaris (map)
  • Rating Row
  • Beaumaris, Wales, LL58 8AL
  • United Kingdom

Nefelibata is the first exhibition and also title of the Collective of 4 photographic artists Cheryl Hamer, Joan West, Sharon Eynon and Sian Monument who are all based on the island of Anglesey. 

We love our local landscape and are constantly inspired by it - and want to show it off to the world!
We like to think of ourselves as artists not simply as photographers because we all do exactly what the word Nefelibata means - we live in the cloudscapes of our imagination, and so we often portray our world in quirky or different ways. We really don’t want to be constrained by the ‘rules’ of classic landscape photography but want to ‘fly free’ and create what we feel as much as what we see”.
— Nefelibata

Venue opening times:
Mon - Thurs 10am-9pm; Frid 10am-3.30pm; Sat - 10am-5pm; Sun - closed
Contact venue before travelling: canolfanbeaumaris.org.uk

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Banner image © Nefelibata. Used with permission.