Here's an easy, quick and dirty summary of what's involved...

  • we like your work and would like you to show it - FREE - to a wider audience
  • we wanted to create an easy and inexpensive way for talented photographers to exhibit their work
  • images printed at 200 x 200mm can be printed at home, professionally or ordered online in a variety of inexpensive ways
  • mounting on easy to find 5mm foam board avoids expensive frames, mounts etc. and is easy to transport or post
  • mounted sets of 9 images will be easy to hang and look smart in a 3 x 3 grid
  • afterwards, you can pick up your images or let us show them to new Welsh start-up businesses in Indycube locations

and the slightly longer IMPORTANT but BORING version...

Complete the short form below if you'd be happy to participate in events relating to the Ffoton Wales #urbanwales project and have your work shown on and offline. Information is retained by Ffoton Wales and will NOT be shared with third parties.

Terms & Conditions for participating

1. Urban Wales ('the project') is organised by Ffoton Wales ('Ffoton') as a public participatory project for photographers of any genre, skill level and based anywhere in Wales who are invited to tag their own images on either of the Instagram or Flickr online photo sharing platforms with the #urbanwales hashtag to capture a creative snapshot of present day Wales where they live.

2. Photographers are responsible for their own images. By uploading and tagging any images with #urbanwales Ffoton will consider a photographer to be the legal owner and Copyright holder of such images. By uploading and/or asserting ownership of images created by another person, organisation or entity the photographer may be in breach of Intellectual Copyright and is solely responsible for any consequences.

3. By accepting an invitation by Ffoton or Oriel Colwyn to exhibit selected images in Littleman Coffee Co., Cardiff or Oriel Colwyn, North Wales photographers agree to the following:

  • if necessary, Ffoton or Oriel Colwyn may contact me regarding the project using the email address or account names I have provided;
  • for exhibition purposes, I will provide my #urbanwales images to the specification provided by Ffoton and deliver them to the exhibition location I have been offered on or before an agreed date. I understand that I will be responsible for all costs involved in my images' production and their delivery prior to, and collection after, my designated month of exhibition. 
  • I grant Ffoton and/or Oriel Colwyn a License to carry my images on their websites, Social Media activities and any Ffoton promotional print or e-Publishing materials relating to the project. I will retain full ownership and Copyright of my images.
  • I understand my images will be shown in venues accessible to the general public and I agree that both Ffoton Wales and the venues will not be responsible for any damage or theft of my work, nor will they be responsible for any claims or disputes arising from the subject matter in my images.
  • I confirm that all images I have submitted as part of the project have been created by me and I am the Copyright owner.
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