Tim Collier yn sgwrsio gydag Emyr Young
Llantrisant, De Cymru, Ionawr 2015

Tim Collier and Emyr Young browsing Tim's extensive Wildlife book collection. Image by Brian Carroll

Light, solitude and landscape are the amalgam that make Tim Collier tick as a photographer. His ability to see is second to none and his work on the landscape of Wales is stunning and extensive.

Nature has always played an important part in Tim's photography and bird photography has dominated his recent output. His understanding of birds is reflected in his sublime, remarkable and beautiful photographs.

Tim is a superb practitioner in many aspects of photography and Ffoton is proud to announce him as our 1st featured photographer. 

Golau, unigedd a'r tirlun yw'r cyfuniad sydd wrth wraidd Tim Collier y ffotograffydd. Mae ei allu i weld yr hyn sydd o'i gwmpas yn ail i neb a'i ddelweddau helaeth o Gymru yn rhagorol.

Mae natur a'r cysylltiad ysbrydol a'r hyn sydd o'i gwmpas yn rhan annatod o waith Tim.

Yn ddiweddar mae tynnu lluniau adar wedi dwyn ei fryd. Mae ei ddealltwriaeth ohonynt yn wych ac yn cael ei fynegi trwy ei luniau rhyfeddol.

Heb os mae Tim Collier yn ffotograffydd o fri ac mae Ffoton yn hynod falch mae ef yw ein ffotograffydd gwadd cyntaf.

Tim Collier in his home studio. Image by Brian Carroll

Some of Tim's photography book collection date back to the early 1900's. Image by Brian Carroll

Photographers and longtime friends, Tim Collier and Emyr Young. Image by Brian Carroll

Tim Collier. Image by Emyr Young

See below for a gallery of a small selection of Tim's work, reproduced here on Ffoton with kind permission of the photographer.
Visit his website
Follow him on Twitter @timcollier58

Islaw galeri o waith Tim trwy garedigrwydd y ffotograffydd.
Ewch i'w wefan
Dilynwch Tim ar Trydar @timcollier58

Gallery images ©Tim Collier. Podcast images © Brian Carroll & Emyr Young

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