Edinburgh. © Brian Carroll

Edinburgh. © Brian Carroll

Photography 'Collective' is a term often associated with the the UK-wide group of artists that make up Documenting Britain but Scottish artist, curator and co-founder Alastair Cook also likes to describe it as a broad artistic community.

Brian Carroll met with Alastair in Edinburgh to have a relaxed conversation about Documenting Britain, wet plate and Alastair's many projects in the visual arts here in the UK and Internationally. 

See below for a small gallery of Alastair's wet plate collodion tintypes (alumitypes) from his McArthur’s Store series. Images © Alastair Cook. Last artist portrait by Carl Radford.

And here's Alastair's video of 'World Wet Plate Day 2010' mentioned in our conversation: the spark that made him explore the Collodion process for future projects.

You can find out more about Alastair's photography, film and other projects on his website www.alastaircook.com and follow him on Twitter @AlastairCook

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