The fantastic thing about bringing Ffoton Wales to life over the last 8 months (no, we haven't had our first birthday yet!) is the number of passionate and talented photographers - professional and enthusiast - we've had conversations with, met or bounced great banter over Twitter.

So when we had the idea to try a small show that focussed on the stunning wide landscapes (and equally beautiful details) of the Brecon Beacons, we quickly reached out to our Twitter community and, unsurprisingly, had a great response!

The result is our #ffotonbrecon show running throughout October in collaboration with Steve, Sam and the lovely team at No.18 Cafe in Crickhowell. As well as providing great coffee and excellent food in the centre of Crickhowell for locals and tourists, No.18 is ideally situated for outdoors types with a passion for walking, mountain climbing and/or interested in photography of the area.

No.18 on the High Street of Crickhowell.

Our ethos at No.18 is to use ‘local, seasonal, fresh’ produce sourced within an 18 mile radius of our Cafe to ensure quality and support our local suppliers. We’re delighted to extend this to showing great photography in and of Brecon to customers living in or visiting the area and support creative talent who love the Breacon Beacons as much as we do!
— Steve Lewis, Owner of No.18

The photographers showing their work in this first show across the many wall spaces of No.18 are Neil Mansfield, Karl Mortimer, Craig Redmond, Matt Botwood, Glenn Gameson-burrows and Rob Hudson. Selected work will be available to purchase and they'll each also have further work showing on TV screens in the two main cafe spaces. Very exciting!

No.18 is situated on the High Street, Crickhowell, Powys, NP8 1BD and our Landscape show will run in tandem with the Ffoton show in Cardiff at The Littleman Coffee Co. - from Friday 2nd to Saturday 31st October.

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Banner Image © and courtesy of Neil Mansfield

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