Ffoton Wales speaks with Caryl Ebenezer, Director/Producer at Rondo Media on their new Philip Jones Griffiths TV Documentary for Welsh Broadcaster S4C and South Korean JTV, Jeonju Television.

Rondo Media Producer & Director Caryl Ebenezer. 

Rondo Media Producer & Director Caryl Ebenezer.

Born in the small town of Rhuddlan in North Wales, Philip Jones Griffiths' harrowing images of the Vietnam War had a profound effect on both American and International audiences to such an extent that the photojournalist’s work is credited with pressuring the USA to pull out of the conflict.

Ffoton discusses pre-production required in bringing the television documentary to fruition, the photographer's family and Magnum Photos being involved, the his two books published of the Vietnam work (Vietnam Inc. and Agent Orange: Collateral Damage in Vietnam) and location shooting in Vietnam.

Congratulations to Rondo and S4C for creating a worthy tribute to a great Welsh photographer.
You can watch the Documentary again on S4C March 2nd at 10pm with English subtitles.
And on BBC iPlayer (in UK) for the next month.

You can find our more about the programme on the following websites:
Rondo Mediawww.rondomedia.co.uk   >   Follow them on Twitter @rondomedia 
S4C - www.s4c.cymru   >   Follow them on Twitter

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