We're big fans of Pwinty.

The Cardiff-based developers are demonstrating what a talented team with a simple idea can do to make quality photography printing easily available to enthusiasts and professionals. The quality of the prints and paper stocks they've secured in partnering with reputable professional labs around the world speaks for itself (we know first-hand as they worked with us to provide several high quality prints for our first exhibition last October).

The company is now growing rapidly: expanding their team, hiring an ex-Kodak executive recently and striking deals with partners and customers internationally - including securing Legoland Windsor as a corporate customer recently here in the UK.

Ffoton's Brian Carroll met up with Steve Martin, one of the development team in Cardiff to discuss their easy to use online Pwint.ly service that allows anyone to upload images and start selling their work immediately.

To kick the tyres and try the pwint.ly service for yourself, go to www.pwint.ly
Or if you'd like to explore integrating the full-blown Pwinty API on your own website, go to www.pwinty.com  
Follow them on Twitter @PwintyAPI