Photographer Al Brydon. © Brian Carroll

Photographer Rob Hudson. © Brian Carroll

We grabbed the opportunity a few weeks back to get some fresh air and speak with Al Brydon and Rob Hudson - two of the founding members of the new Landscape photography Collective Inside the Outside. With member photographers from across the UK, ITO are just getting started. So it seemed to be the perfect time to talk with Rob and Al about the formation of the group, the Collective approach to contemporary Landscape, their plan (spoiler-alert: there isn't one!) and activities they're planning this side of Christmas in 2016.

We look forward to seeing some great work emerging from this new and enthusiastic Collective in coming months.

Find out more about Inside the Outside and the work of members Al Brydon, Rob Hudson, Joe Wright and Stephen Segasby on the website and follow them on Twitter @inside_the_out

Gallery images © and used with the permission of the photographers.