Aiyush Pachnanda is currently in his second year studying Photojournalism at the University of South Wales in Cardiff.

Hailing from London, Aiyush - or Yushy to his friends - has a keen interest in documenting a wide range of subcultures and, as evidenced by his work to date, isn't afraid to approach people and get up close to create visually stimulating images.

Aiyush tells Ffoton about his past and current projects, inspirations and aspirations in photography.

You can view a range of Aiyush's work on his website
And his 'ON THE SESH' feature on the We Are Cardiff blog >

Follow his University project exploits on Twitter @PJAiyush_USW
And his feed on Instagram @_yushy

Images © Aiyush Pachnanda and used on Ffoton with permission