Robert Haines IN CONVERSATION WITH Brian Carroll
Heolgerrig, SOUTH WALES, August 2016

Robert Haines YN SGWRSIO GYDAG Brian Carroll
Heolgerrig, DE CYMRU, Awst 2016

Hailing from the small mining village of Heolgerrig near Merthyr Tydfil, Robert Haines is an award-winning film-maker and photographer.

He is best known for his 1970's project 'Once Upon a Time in Wales' which hid away in a box for 35 years and it's 2014 follow-up 'This Time in Wales' - both recording the close-knit Heolgerrig community where he grew up and still lives to this day.

Mae Robert Haines yn hanu o Heolgerrig ger Merthyr. Mae e  wedi ennill sawl gwobr fel gwneuthurwr ffilm a ffotograffydd.

Fe ddaeth i'r amlwg gyda 'Once Upon a Time in Wales'. Tynnodd y lluniau yn y 70au ac fe fu'r gwaith yn gorwedd mewn bocs am 34 mlynedd. Yr oedd dilyniant i'r gwaith yma 'This Time in Wales' cyfrol sy'n adrodd hanes cymuned Heolgerrig lle cafodd Robert ei fagu a'r lle mae e yn dal i fyw heddiw.

See below for a selection of Robert's work, reproduced here on Ffoton with kind permission of the photographer.

Yma ar Ffoton trwy garedigrwydd y ffotograffydd fe welwch gasgliad bychan o'i waith isod.

Gallery: 'Once Upon a Time in Wales'

Gallery: 'This Time in Wales' and Landscape

View more of Robert's work on his website
Follow him on Twitter @roberthaines and view promos of his films on Vimeo

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